Fried Roman Codfish – Baccalà alla Romana

codfish fried

Fried Roman Codfish – Baccalà alla Romana

Fried Roman Codfish should be mentioned when talking about fried in Rome

It is traditionally consumed during the Christmas period, especially on Christmas Eve, but in reality it is a very popular dish in the Roman diet which is consumed all year round.


Exported all over the world, from Norway, to the Lofoten Islands, cod is the love provided by two species of salted and seasoned Nordic cod.

It seems that the salubrity procedure of cod is prescribed to Basque fishermen who, following the shoals of whales, came across huge schools of cod towards the island of Newfoundland and used for this type of fish the same salting procedure already used for the whale meat.

Arrived in Italy thanks to the connections of our merchants with the northern markets, this fish has found various uses in the various regional culinary traditions, in particular in Lazio.

In Rome, cod in batter is one of the pieces of the traditional Roman-style mixed fried food and is supplied accompanied by courgette flowers, supplì and artichoke alla giudia.

The first preparation is essential for the rehydration and desalination phase.

You have to dip the cod in water for 24/48 hours, paying attention to change the water every 6 hours.codfish fried

Also fundamental is the batter, the true queen of the dish, which must be mixed with only sifted flour and sparkling water.

Fried Roman Codfish and the street foo

In the Roman street food tradition, cidfush is mainly fried, in crispy and tasty fillets, but it can also be found in a restaurant or pizzeria.

There are of course many versions of this dish, it can change the way you pack the batter, with or without yeast, with beer or ice water, and the choice of pieces or the way of frying can also change.

The roman codfish fried, despite arriving to us from distant seas, has conquered our tables.

Grandmothers and mothers, thanks to the wisdom have made it a unique dish, ready to delight the palates at any time

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