Sampietrino or sanpietrino (also called selcio)

Anyone who has been to Rome knows that the term “sanpietrino” means the typical pavement of the historic center of the capital.

But do you know why they are called so?

The name “sampietrino” or “sanpietrino” (also called “selcio”) derives from the place where this small block of flint, extracted from the quarries located at the foot of the Alban Hills and from the volcanic areas of Viterbo, was used for the first time , which is precisely St. Peter’s square.

Is the block of leucitite used for the construction of the road paving of common use in the historic center of Rome and in San Pietro square to pave streets or squares. There are different types and sizes.

Invented in the sixteenth century, to facilitate the passage of carriages, cobblestones are now a distinctive feature of Rome.sanpietrino

However, not all citizens love them, and some would like to replace them with asphalt, so much so that in 2014 the Capitol had planned to replace the historic pavement of the capital with a less expensive and safer road surface for cars, scooters and buses.

An idea that made many citizens turn up their noses. In the past, someone would have even proposed to sell them to tourists: it would seem that cobblestones are very popular especially by the Chinese.

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