Nightlife in Rome

If we talk about the nightlife in Rome, this is also unique.

There are numerous restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and discos, but real Roman fun can be found outdoors and which changes completely from one neighborhood to another and vita notturnafrom one season to another.

During the summer, some of Rome’s best-known night clubs close to be replaced by the various and interesting festivals scattered throughout the city and its surroundings. Each square turns into a large living room where you can sit down for a drink and chat This is what the Romans do.

Let’s talk now about some areas where real Roman nightlife takes place: Campo De ‘Fiori is a very suggestive square, crowded and popular almost every evening of the week.

It is usually frequented by people in their thirties and forties who mix with students from various American colleges in the city.

The square is full of similar bars and you can enjoy a beer outside the club or by taking a walk in the enchanting streets o f the area. Campo De ‘Fiori.

vita notturna

The bars in the square are very touristy, but walking around there you can meet really chic and trendy wine bars and restaurants.

Another area of ​​Rome, slightly outside the city center, which is well known for its nightlife is San Lorenzo.

Characteristic neighborhood, near La Sapienza University, here the atmosphere is lively, informal and youthful.

The neighborhood is known for its pubs, open especially during the 70s, but recently some of the most renowned restaurants in Rome have also opened in this area, contributing to raising the average age of its visitors.

Two other neighborhoods are also worth visiting: the first is called Pigneto.

Like San Lorenzo it was born as one of the popular suburbs of the city.

Over the past ten years it has turned into one of the trendiest and liveliest areas in Rome.

Restaurants, pubs, libraries and bars have suddenly sprung up.

Here you can spend a pleasant evening dedicated to art thanks to its contemporary art galleries, cultural centers, clubs where you can listen to live music and jazz while reading a book, and to its multiculturalism, for the variety of cultures that frequent it.

campo de fioriFinally, if you are looking for a more transgressive night, a tour in Testaccio is for you.

Testaccio is a neighborhood near Via Ostiense and Circo Massimo.

It is the club area of ​​Rome where nothing happens before midnight.

Its discos cater for a wide variety of musical tastes.

In Via di Monte Testaccio there is also a small gay club.

There are clubs that offer music, bar-restaurants and gay discos.

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