Parks, Villas and Gardens of Rome

Park, Villa and Gardens of Rome – Here are the 12 not to be missed

Rome is a city, contrary to what is claimed by many, full of green spaces.

Below you will find the creme de la creme of the best parks, gardens and villas in Rome.

VILLA DORIA PAMPHILJ - Aurelio Monteverde Neighborhood
It is the largest villa among the Roman ones, it has green spaces, woods with magnificent fountains, and beautiful places to rest.


VILLA BORGHESE – PINCIO Pinciano, Parioli, Flaminio Neighborhoods
The most central park, inside houses the Borghese Gallery and the Museum of the same name. The villa has vast green areas with Italian gardens and fountains of all kinds.


CAFFARELLA PARCK Appio Neighborhood
The Caffarella valley is a state-owned area of approximately 190 hectares which extends between the Aurelian Walls, Via Latina and Via dell’Almone. The name derives from the main historical estate of the Caffarelli family that had its possessions here and built the farmhouse of the Vaccareccia around the sixteenth century, which is still preserved inside the park.


VILLA SCIARRA Monteverde Neighborhood
It is a small villa which in the past has witnessed the resistance of the Roman Republic. Until 1928 the villa was under the ownership of an American couple and subsequently donated to the Municipality.


MONTE MARIO PARCK Flaminio Neighborhood
It offers one of the most enchanting views over all of Rome.


APPIA ANTICA PARCK Appio Neighborhood
The Via Appia Antica represents a perfectly preserved example of an ancient Roman road. The street is immersed in a magnificent park, protected by the Region, against building unauthorism. Every Sunday the old Appian Way is closed to traffic, and can be traveled serenely on foot or by bicycle, you can start the walk from the Cecilia Metella mausoleum to the Grande Raccordo Anulare.



VILLA TORLONIA Nomentano Neighborhood
]It has a typical Italian garden, and includes interesting Art Nouveau buildings, such as the Villino Rosso, the Villino Medievale, and the famous Casina delle Civette. From 1925 to 1943 Villa Torlonia was the residence of the Mussolini family, and subsequently in 1944-47 it was the seat of the English and American command.VILLA TORLONIA

VILLA ADA Salario Neighborhood
This villa has areas from different eras, and occupies a vast green area, with woods and gardens that follow the style of English gardens.




VILLA CELIMONTANA Celio Neighborhood
Its wonderful park is always ready to offer the tired tourist, and the Roman who wants to escape from the daily routine, places very suitable for pleasant stops. Villa Celimontana is a short distance from the Colosseum and the archaeological area of the Palatine Hill. The Villa is home to the Italian Geographic Society.



VILLA GLORI Aventine Neighborhood
The enchanting Garden is located on the top of the Aventine hill: from here you will have a special observation point, both towards the Circus Maximus, towards the Tiber and Trastevere. The entrance is located on via Santa Sabina.




ACQUEDOTTI PARCK Tuscolano Neighborhood
The park represents the remnant of a stretch of Agro Romano that originally extended without interruptions to the Alban Hills, and is rich in arboreal vegetation, in particular the pines. It also includes a pond that flows from the Felice aqueduct and which gives life to a stream and a waterfall that trace the ancient Marrana of Acqua Mariana.


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