Let’s talk about one of the best known dishes of Roman cuisine.

One of those that never fails among the appetizers of traditional trattorias as of the chic restau rants of the capital.

And we do it by starting by saying that in reality … they are not exactly Roman!

Traditionally, courgette flowers are a recipe that should be placed halfway between Umbria and Marche.

Where once they were made not with mozzarella, but stuffed with ricotta or fresh pecorino cheese, and fried with batter made of water, flour and a pinch of salt.

It is probably from the Umbrian and Marches “immigrants” in the capital that the current zucchini flowers fried in the Roman were born, that is stuffed with a little anchovies and mozzarella (little, just the necessary to give flavor) and fried golden with batter of flour, eggs and beer (or white wine or sparkling mineral water).

In this sense it is now correct to consider these fried courgette flowers a Lazio specialty.

Because it is true that the Romans have the bad habit of making anything that passes from the parts of the Colosseum or the Cupolone become Roman, but always adding something specific.

And in this case something to add had it, considering the goodness and tradition of the “Roman fried”, among the most famous as regards both popular and street cuisine, and haute cuisine.fiori

However the right to consider this recipe typical of Rome, Roman restaurateurs have earned it on the field. Because it is indisputable that nowhere fried Roman-style courgette flowers were as good as they were in Rome.

And as they still are in many good restaurants, which unfortunately in trattorias and pizzerias are now a rare commodity.

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